BERG 45 Litre Cooler


The Large capacity Berg 45 Litre cooler fridge is a versatile and practical appliance designed for outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and travellers. With the ability to store up to 72 standard 330ml cans, this cooler has plenty of room for all your drinks or food items. In addition, the cooling capability of 16°C below ambient temperature makes it perfect for camping trips where you must keep your beverages and perishable foods cold.

One of the best features of this cool box fridge is its heating capability of between 60-65°C, which means you can also use it to keep your takeaway boxes or hot food warm. This feature is handy when you’re on the go, travelling long distances, or want to enjoy a hot meal while camping.


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he portable design of the cool box fridge is another advantage. It comes with wheels and folding handles that make it easy to transport from one location to another. In addition, you don’t have to worry about carrying heavy loads as this unit is more robust than a typical cool bag, making it ideal for outdoor adventures.

This product is supplied with three different plug cables, 240V UK, 220V EU, and 12V in-car cable, giving users greater flexibility when powering the device. So you can always rely on this product to serve your needs at home, in your car, or abroad.

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BERG 45 Litre Cooler

BERG 45 Litre Cooler

Overall, the Large Berg 45 Litre cooler fridge is an excellent investment for anyone who loves to spend time outdoors. Its large capacity, cooling and heating capabilities, portability, and multiple power options make it a reliable and convenient appliance for any adventure.

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