Mobicool MT48W

Mobicool MT48W

The MOBICOOL MT48W AC/DC cooler box is an excellent product ideal for anyone who loves to enjoy cool drinks without the hassle of dragging around crates. The 48L capacity means this portable fridge can hold a complete beer crate with 0.5 litre bottles or even a box of mineral water with a maximum height of 32 cm.

mobicool mt48w

The two sturdy wheels, pull-out handle, and side handles make it easy to transport your drinks wherever you go. Whether on a club trip or at a football pitch, the MOBICOOL MT48W AC/DC cooler box ensures that your drinks are conveniently transported to the “place of use.”


One feature that stands out in this cooler box is its dual voltage system, making it suitable for car and indoor use. This versatility allows you to keep your drinks chilled during camping trips, picnics, road trips, and other outdoor adventures.


The split lid design of this cooler box minimises the loss of cold air when opened, ensuring that your drinks remain cool for extended periods. Additionally, the cable compartment in the lid enables neat storage when not in use, making it easy to store away when not needed.


Another great feature of the MOBICOOL MT48W AC/DC cooler box is the double fan system that helps chill your drinks quicker. With extra-strong insulation and a sturdy outer shell, this mini-fridge cools up to 16°C below ambient temperature, keeping your drinks safe and undamaged.


If you need to store more than just drinks, the divider grid in this cooler box ensures a well-sorted interior. You’ll appreciate the convenience of having a versatile mini-fridge that can come in handy for several reasons, from storing cold foods to transporting medical supplies that require cooling.

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Mobicool MT48W

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a high-quality cooler box that’s easy to transport and versatile enough to meet various needs, the MOBICOOL MT48W AC/DC cooler box is an excellent choice. It’s sturdy, has a large storage capacity, and keeps your drinks cool for extended periods. Overall, this product provides an excellent value proposition you will be happy investing in.

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