Top MSR Tents for Backpackers & Explorers: In-Depth UK Guide 2023


Hello, fellow adventurers! Welcome back to, your ultimate guide to camping and outdoor equipment. Today, we will explore the world of backpacking and explore MSR tents, focusing on the Seattle-based manufacturer MSR Gear.

MSR – The Company

MSR, founded in 1969 by Larry Penberthy – a lifelong mountaineer and engineer from Seattle, has revolutionised how people experience the outdoors worldwide.

The company was born out of the belief that better, safer, and more reliable equipment is the key to unlocking more incredible adventures.

Today, MSR is a close-knit team of engineers, tinkerers, and passionate outdoor users who challenge convention and believe that functionality, simplicity, and reliability are the governing elements of enduring design. From hand-built manufacturing lines just below where they concept their products to voluntarily examining their practices for sustainability challenges, MSR strives to engineer gear for those who value conservation and freedom in the wild places they love.

In this blog post, we delve deeper into what makes MSR an exceptional outdoor gear company and how its innovations have changed the game for adventurous souls around the globe.

MSR History – 50 Years of Unruly Dreamers

MSR Gear is known for its innovation, quality, and reliability in the outdoor gear industry. In this article, we’ll look closer at their tent ranges: Elixir, Hubba, Access, Habitude, and Tindheim, and discuss the benefits and options available in each series. Plus, we’ll include a comparison table at the end to help you decide on your next camping adventure.

MSR Expedition Tents, Let’s take a look at what is available:

Top MSR Tents for Backpackers & Explorers In-Depth UK Guide 2023

MSR Elixir Series

The Elixir Series is an excellent choice for backpackers and explorers who value affordability, livability, and ease of use. These tents offer ample living space, colour-coded poles for easy setup, and a built-in gear loft.

Available Options:

  • Elixir 1: Sleeps 1
  • Elixir 2: Sleeps 2
  • Elixir 3: Sleeps 3
  • Elixir 4: Sleeps 4
elixir 1

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MSR Tents Hubba Series

The MSR Hubba NX Tents Series is perfect for those prioritising lightweight design, durability, and comfort. These tents feature a freestanding design, maximising headroom and elbow space, making them feel roomier than most backpacking tents.

Available Options:

  • Hubba NX: Sleeps 1
  • Hubba Hubba NX: Sleeps 2
  • Mutha Hubba NX: Sleeps 3
  • Papa Hubba NX: Sleeps 4
Hubba NX Solo Backpacking Tent

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MSR Tents Access Series

The MSR Access Tents Series is designed for all-season explorers who require robust protection during winter adventures. These tents offer a strong central-support frame that resists snow loading and a cosy interior to retreat from the cold.

Available Options:

  • Access 1: Sleeps 1
  • Access 2: Sleeps 2
  • Access 3: Sleeps 3
Access 3, four season ski touring tent

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MSR Tents Habitude Series

The Habitude Series is perfect for families or groups of friends who value space, comfort, and a home-like atmosphere. These tents have a standing-height interior and spacious floor plans, making them ideal for basecamp and car camping.

Available Options:

  • Habitude 4: Sleeps 4
  • Habitude 6: Sleeps 6
Habitude 4 Family & Group Camping Tent

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MSR Tindheim Series

The Tindheim Series features premium materials, exceptional livability, and cutting-edge designs for the most discerning backpackers and explorers. In addition, these tents offer excellent weather protection, superior ventilation, and unique pole geometry for increased living space.

Available Options:

  • Tindheim 2: Sleeps 2
  • Tindheim 3: Sleeps 3
Tindheim 2 Backpacking Tunnel Tent

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Comparison Table

SeriesSleepSleepFreestandingSeasonsMain Benefits
Elixir1-42.10-4.27 kgYes3Cost-effective, spacious, easy setup
Hubba1-40.91-2.96 kgYes3Ultralight, sturdy, high comfort level
Access1-31.98-2.72 kgYes4All-season, durable, excellent protection
Habitude4-65.44-7.94 kgYes3Roomy, family-friendly, standing height
Tindheim1-31.32-2.54 kgYes3Premium quality, enhanced livability, innovative design
Compare the MSR range at a glance


MSR Backpacking Tents offer an exceptional range of tents to suit the needs of every backpacker and explorer. The Elixir Series is perfect for those who value affordability and ease of use, while the Hubba Series prioritises lightweight design and comfort. The Access Series provides robust protection for all-season adventurers, while the Habitude Series is ideal for families or groups of friends seeking a spacious and home-like atmosphere. Finally, the Tindheim Series offers premium materials and cutting-edge design for the most discerning campers.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, you can trust MSR Explorer Tents to keep you sheltered and comfortable during your next camping adventure. Use our comparison table to find the perfect MSR tent for your needs, and get ready to explore the great outdoors in style. Happy camping!

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